More on the frame.

June 17th, 2012

This weekend I did more on the frame. I tidied up a few things that were bothering me, places were the tubes weren’t meeting nicely enough. You want the tubes filed to fit together well so the brazed joints are strong. I also added in the bars along the side. From these there will be vertical steel panels, perforated by large holes, with a flange on the bottom to allow them to be bolted to the floor. This will hold the frame tightly to the floor pan. I made a wooden gauge to get the height of the bars above the floor uniform.

IMG_2447_1 IMG_2445_1 IMG_2446_1

Side bars.

Today Joss came over and we talked about the rear firewall. I am going to mock that up in cardboard to see how best to do it. We also discussed the boot floor and sides. One thing we decided to do was shift the little rise over the springs.  This has been bought back so that there is less of a hole in the body side just in front of the firewall and so it ties in better with the steel panels strengthening the sides. The kick just clears the rear spring. You can see how much I moved it back below.

IMG_2463_1 Rise over spring.

This means now that rise is hidden by the tyres so the bottom line of the car is unbroken between the wheels.

IMG_2466_1 IMG_2467_1 IMG_2470_2

This pleases my friend Mike.

Next I will mock up how the rear firewall goes in cardboard and work out how the hump over the axle and fuel tank will fit in and how that all ties into the side detailing.

IMG_2468_1 Rear firewall position.

I am also making some progress on finding a good rear axle.

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