More tweaks at the rear.

July 3rd, 2012

The last few evenings I’ve been working on the adjustments to the rear end. I also received some old lights I won on TradeMe that might be more suitable for the car. I think they are off a similar age car.

IMG_2559_1 Lights.

I also forgot to put up some pictures of the little booklet I won.

IMG_2557_1 IMG_2558_1  Austin maintenance manual.

When looking at the rear hoops again I discovered that the boot bottom brace and verticals were not square. One side was half an inch further forward than the other. So I of course had to fix that. It’s hard to know what to measure from so I retook all measurements from the rear axle since the body is all curves. I also replaced my cardboard rear firewall with a wooden stand-in as the cardboard wasn’t totally flat. Turns out neither is the wood!

IMG_2561_1 Redoing rear bracing.

With those fixed I redid the front of the boot hole. I angled the ends to match the firewall and rear of the cockpit. I also adjusted the passenger side rear cockpit to make it more parallel to the firewall. Once again I used all my sticks and clamps to make sure the curves look correct. I still want to redo the rear edge of the boot opening. I am not sure yet how that should go but the one there is all wonky anyway and can be improved.

IMG_2564_1 IMG_2565_1

IMG_2566_1 IMG_2568_1 Front rear hoop redone.

IMG_2569_1 Sticks out again.

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