Folding the rear steel.

July 31st, 2012

Tonight I popped up to see Woody who kindly let me use his metal folder again. I had carefully marked out the steel with where to bend and which direction and to what angle. I still muffed it up! One angle was bent too far so when I got home I straightened it by first clamping it to my bench and bending it back. I then tidied things up with a hammer and dolly.

IMG_2722_2 IMG_2723_1 Fixing my bad bend.

I folded up the bottom lip on the main rear bulkhead, the rear axle cover and the first two sections of the side steel plates.

I can’t put in the rear bulkhead until I trim it to fit between the tubes but the real axle cover fits in nicely. I will also trim the side panels to fit (have to hand craft each) soon and look at how to make the panels for the sides of the axle housing.

IMG_2690_1 IMG_2725_1 Rear axle housing.

The axle housing will have a bump in the top centre to provide clearance for the top of the differential housing but I will cut that out later. The fuel tank will fit on top of this piece of steel.

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