Rear bulkhead flange.

August 5th, 2012

This weekend I cut out and folded the flange on the rear bulkhead. I got most of the way there then had to get Joss to help me tweak it.

First, using my wooden template, I transferred the curves form the wood onto the steel of the bulkhead. You simply reverse what you did before. With the template on the steel you simple measure out 2 inches form the marks and put a mark on the steel. I bought a flexible ruler and used that to draw a nice curve though the points marked on the steel.

IMG_2697_1 IMG_2690_1 Marking out the steel.

I left plenty of margin and cut it out. I also cut out notches where the steel fits around the tube. I hammered in a horizontal swage to give some stiffness to the flat middle of the panel then I put it back on the car. Next I checked that the marks were in the correct position. Those looking correct I then hammered up the flange around the edge.

This is where I went a little wrong. Around the curved corners I should have put in more puckers, folds in the steel you then hammer down when you make the curve. I got the flange mostly done then got Joss to help me tweak it. We got it looking right and sitting correctly. Joss was able to get it all nice and flat too.  I then trimmed the flange to be even all around. That is now sitting in the car but it need a little dressing still.

IMG_2771_1 IMG_2772_1 IMG_2773_1

Rear bulkhead with flange.

With that in place we could see I can further adjust the kick up over the spring to the rear axle. I need to make this as small as possible but still allow enough clearance for spring movement. Making it smaller means I need less of a cutout inside the cockpit to allow for the springs. I also need to tweak the frame in a few places but that’s a simple matter of cutting and bending tube.

I will also make small flanged plates that the bulkhead will fit up against.

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