Slow progress.

August 12th, 2012

I had a busy weekend but did manage to do some on the car. I trimmed the rear flange and screwed the rear firewall to the floor temporarily. I also pop riveted the transmission tunnel hump to the firewall too to help lock everything in place. I made one of the flat flanges that the firewall will sit up against too. I tried making them from bent sheet steel but I couldn’t get a nice shape so in the end I made small plates from 3mm steel.

IMG_2806_1 IMG_2797_1 IMG_2798_1

The third photo shows what I found under several coverings over the top of the seats I had.  This seems to be the original covering. It’s green leather but pretty badly worn.

The other interesting thing this week was I ordered a double front shock absorber for the car. I was looking at restoring my own then considered making my own double one but in the end decided it would be easier to buy one. I looked online to find out which was best and decided on this one from The Ulster Boys. It looks the part and apparently works well. I spoke to Tim there in email and he was very nice and answered my questions for me and arranged payment and shipping. It should be on it’s way.

I also posted to the Austin 7 friend forum asking if someone could explain to me exactly why these double shocks make the front end handle better. I know that having two pivots so the axle doesn’t see-saw helps but I can’t get my head around the rest of the geometry. And I am not sure how it helps reduce the sideways swing yet. My comment asked if someone could explain and I made a casual comment in jest about how there are different sorts around and with the race ones maybe you are paying extra for the holes!

The A7 friends forum is a great one. If you are reading this then you probably know it already. There are many good people there and they are mostly very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, as with most online communities, there are those who don’t play nice. I unfortunately came across one as you can see here in the thread. The reply in question is the one with the atrocious spelling and grammar by a Tony Betts of 7 County Austins.

Now I don’t need to add anything more here to what was already said in that thread. I would just like to say, in my opinion, if you are looking for Austin 7 parts or for Austin 7 front suspension/dampers DO NOT deal with Tony Betts of 7 County Austins if you can help it.  Personally he will never be getting any business from me. I believe someone who behaves in such a matter on a public forum is best avoided.

There are luckily other, better suppliers for parts in the UK (the A7 friend site has a list but avoid Tony Betts and 7 County Austins of course). I have now dealt with several and they have always been professional, easy to deal with, reasonably priced and quite willing to help and send things down to New Zealand. I am looking forward to when my front shock arrives and I can see for myself how they work!


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