Rear axle progress.

September 16th, 2012

I am still alive! Apparently people were wondering as it has been some time since I posted. Over a month now. I have been rather busy lately but I have started working on the car again. First my front shock arrived from the UK. It’s very nice. As I thought the idiot Tony Betts doesn’t know what he’s talking about and this shock from The Ulster Boys is very well made and looks the part 100%. Much better than some stainless steel thing I am sure. Remember, avoid Betts and 7 country Austins if you can. There are other suppliers who won’t abuse you in public and who can write coherently that you can deal with.

IMG_2871_1 IMG_2872_1 New front shock.

I also was lucky enough to sort out a new rear axle through someone who saw my ad in the Vintage Austin magazine. Lloyd contacted me and even dropped it off which was fantastic. He also gave me two good half shafts. This weekend I stripped the diff and cleaned and painted it. The diff had the torque tube attached and the pinion shaft was well rusted in place. It took a lot of heat and a big hammer to shift it.

IMG_2860_1 IMG_2861_1 Rusty parts.

The roller bearing is totally buggered on this one. I need to get one of these bearings but I think they aren’t available locally. I might need to get that from the UK. The outer race for it is pressed into the diff housing and needs to removed with a punch and hammer. I also removed the side adjusters. These screw into the outer sides of the diff and the half shafts pass through them. There is the adjuster itself then a felt pad held with a flat washer and a spring clip (which is a bastard to remove). A metal plate with a square pin bolts to the outside of the housing so the square pin fits into the slots in the adjuster to stop them turning when assembled.

IMG_2863_1 IMG_2864_1 IMG_2867_1

Diff adjusters.

The adjusters are have an oil groove machined into them that is meant to direct the oil back into the diff itself. These grooves only work one way and if you get them the wrong way around the oils will go from the diff into the axle shafts so the adjusters are handed and marked with an L and an R for left and right although I find it easier to think the L one goes in the Little side of the diff (errr, I should check that’s right).

I wonder if this means when you go in reverse does the oil go out of the diff?

Everything got a good clean up and I filed away any burrs and rough edges. I degreased, wire brushed then water blasted the housings. I sat everything out with the other parts I already had such as the differential itself and the good second hand CWP and bearings and my good rear hubs. I will need to pull the hub rears off the axle on the car and clean them up as well as the brake drums.

IMG_2869_1 Parts all cleaned.

I then the housings and torque tube body in front of a fan heater to dry and heat up. I then wiped them over with wax and grease remover then finally sprayed a couple of coats of black gloss on them.

IMG_2874_1 IMG_2879_1 Painting.

The torque tube has the locking ring for the end bracket attached to it. You can’t remove it so it needed carefully propping up during painting.

I will order the various wheel bearings and so on I need this week. I am sure I saw something somewhere about replacing the rear axle felt seals with modern lip seals so I should look into that.

The other thing I did was finish making the little steel brackets the rear fire wall sits against. Unfortunately I didn’t get time to do anything else on the frame. I am now very keen to get that done so I can can lift it off and put it aside while I work on making the chassis a rolling one. Once I get the rear axle and torque tube rebuilt I can put that and the rebuilt front end on the car then finally treat myself to new tyres for the proper wire wheels.

IMG_2875_1 IMG_2877_1 Rear firewall brackets.


2 Responses to “Rear axle progress.”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hey I got what I believe is a Austin 7 rear diff. 1923 to 1929. Turns good. housing is all there. I’m trying to figure out what it’s worth. Any ideas or web sites I can go to.
    Thanks and appreciate any help.

  2. admin Says:

    Well, it depends on where you are but you could ask on the Austin 7 friends web site. Someone there should have an idea.

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