More progress.

September 23rd, 2012

This weekend I finished cleaning up the rear axle. I checked and washed out the bearings I do have and worked out the ones I don’t. I have three of the four bearings on the pinion shaft. I am missing the roller bearing that fits right near the pinion gear. I am also missing the main bearings either side of the main differential and the hub bearings. I will replace the cups and felt (well, one of mine was cork!) seals with modern lip seals. I need to pull the best hub stud plate off the axle on the car and swap it with a dodgy one I have so I can clean up a good set. Drums and backing plates can wait till I change axles.

I also fixed the kick ups over the rear springs. I started and was going awry but luckily Joss stopped by just then and set me right again. I made them a lot lower and closer to the springs. I also took them straight down to the bottom rail rather than trying to curve them into it. You can’t see any of that since it is hidden behind the tyre in practice.

With the flat springs there is about 1/2 inch of clearance between the spring and chassis on either side. I made sure I had the same clearance between the body side and the springs.

IMG_2893_1 Clearance to chassis.

IMG_2898_1 IMG_2899_1 Lower kick-ups.

With these as they are there shouldn’t need to be much of a rise in the floor over the top of the spring. I checked my springs I had reshaped and they aren’t as flat as these ones (which are very slightly negative camber) so I will have even more clearance with those. And if needed I can make the curve wider where it goes from horizontal to vertical which will give more clearance without raising the part under the floor at all.

IMG_2883_1 Rear wheel clearance.

It’s hard to know how much clearance is needed but there is about 2 inches between the axle and the spring just in front of the axle which is where the spring would be moving the most. Above the axle itself there is a good 4 inches which is probably too much. If anyone asks it’s to provide air flow to the massive rear brakes.

Next I need to redo the rear bracing pieces which all came unstuck when redoing the hoops over the axle.

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