More tweaking.

September 24th, 2012

I wasn’t happy with the clearance above the spring so tonight I made it bigger.  Behind the firewall it can be as large as I like so I made that quite high. I made it just a little higher in front of the firewall too. People I have talked to say the springs do move more that you would expect so I would rather make it way to big than have it too small and smash the body with the springs.

IMG_2906_1 More clearance.

That should be more than enough. The bit in front of the firewall will be covered with a small steel plate. I mocked that up in cardboard.

IMG_2907_1 Spring cover.

On the driver side the plate is far behind the seat so it doesn’t get in the way. On the passenger side there should just be room to fit the seat base in around it. The base should be forward of it so the seat back can be made to clear the plate.

IMG_2911_1 IMG_2909_1

Will probably need more tweaking!

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