Hole swaging and new tyres.

November 18th, 2012

During the week after work I  had a go at swaging the holes in the side panels. It went rather well! I two two blocks of wood and drilled a hole in each with my hole saws. I then use my outer to router a curved edge to each of the holes. This I was then able to use a form to hammer the steel against. I clamped the steel to the form with two C clamps. I tried a test hole using a metal bar and a ball pein hammer but this bruised the metal a little. I then tried my egg shaped wooden mallet and this worked great.

IMG_2992_1 IMG_2994_1 Swaging holes.

Each hole only took a few minutes. I only did one side since it was in the evening and I don’t know that my neighbours appreciated the constant hammering! They came out great.

IMG_2997_1 IMG_3000_1 IMG_2999_1

On Saturday I completed the other side. I also spent most of the afternoon fitting my new tyres to the rims.

IMG_3003_1 Tyres- Shinko E240 MT90s.

That took hours! You need soapy water to lubricate everything and talcum powder to put inside the tyre and on the tubes so they don’t stick together. I didn’t use irons, just a large rubber mallet. The easiest way was to first get one side of the tyre over the rim using the mallet. Then I could insert the inner tube. Getting the other side on is the tricky bit. I found standing on the tyre and walking around it worked. Once you get to the last third bouncing on it stretches things enough so it pops into place. You then bounce thing about a bit then inflate it. Joss came round as I was doing the last one and showed me how you can use the mallet to get that last third to pop over.

IMG_3005_1 Fitted to rims.

Joss looked over the car and said the rear boot hoops didn’t look right. So I spent some time adjusting them again. Instead of making them follow the firewall angle I just adjusted them till they look right. They don’t follow the firewall and aren’t at 90 degrees to the frame but they look better now.

IMG_3013_1 IMG_3014_1 Rear hoops – again!

Today I made the side plates for the rear axle tunnel. These were simple to make. I used two pieces of angle iron in the vice as a folder to bend them.

IMG_3020_1 IMG_3024_1 Side plates.

These have been pop riveted in place or now but will be spot welded later on (and the rivets removed). The frame is now almost ready to be removed and fully brazed together and made to look nice and be painted. There are a few small things left to be done though.

I also removed the old temporary front suspension and started assembling my own. I had bought new bolts and fittings. The bolt that holds the ends to the radius rods to the chassis originally had a hole though it and a castellated nut held with a split pin. The new bolt has no hole and came with two nuts. I didn’t like that arrangement so I cleaned up the old nut and drilled a split pin hole though the new bolt. Then I know it can’t come undone.

IMG_3021_1 IMG_3022_1 IMG_3026_1

Is really nice seeing all new and clean parts going on. Nothing is done up tight yet as I may need to adjust or remove things. I still need to order some more bolts and things from the VAR spares.

You have to be careful to make sure you get the axle the correct way around. You can install it backwards. The way to tell is the shock mounting studs are tapered and fit in from the front.

My original shock mount alloy blocks are pretty worn but I found I had spares I could use (although they might be used on the rear?). The mounting studs are rather pitted and worn. Loctite however make an epoxy for repairing such things so I will try some of that and see if it helps.

IMG_3029_1 Worn shock mounts.

I need to get bolts to hold the new front shock in place as well as for holding the cow horns on. Those need a tidy up and painting too. I need to fit the stub axles and new king pins and then the cross tube. Then I can assemble the hubs. I will do the brakes all at once the rear axle is all complete. I still need one bearing and local companies are asking over NZ$200 for it. I can order it from the UK for NZ$80, including postage, so I will do that this week.


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