Front stub axles.

November 21st, 2012

I have no fitted the front stub axles and the steering arm and cross tube. Everything is loosely attached for now. The axle needed a little filing to be a free fit on the offside axle. The nearside had clearance but not enough to be able to fit in any washers to take up play at the top end as the red book recommends. With the king pins fitted I can’t feel any up and down play at all. The offside is a little stiff but should be fine once it settles in I think. It turns fine with a little pressure but isn’t loose enough to flap about.

IMG_3030_1 Stub axles fitted.

I need to repaint the cross tube but will wait till I have set up the correct toe in before doing that (whatever that needs to be?).

I also repaired the shock mounting studs. I initially tried using JB Weld epoxy (as AES didn’t have the Loctite one) but that just fell off. I know they say it can replace steel but no, not really. So I built them up using weld then just ground them back down and painted them.

IMG_3041_1 Shock mounting studs.

I also removed and cleaned up and painted the cow horns. I ground them down to make them a little thinner at the top and not so chunky looking.

IMG_3038_1 IMG_3039_1 Cow horns.

To mount them I think I will put the bolts up from underneath and put the nuts on top. The bolts go onto the nose casting but with my lowered spring there isn’t much space between the spring and the nuts. I need to get suitable bolts which is something I looked into today.

BSF bolts are hard to get here. Few places in NZ stock them. Most want you to buy quantities of 100. Others want ridiculous prices (NZ$20 for a singleĀ  2 inch 3/8 BSW bolt for example). The best place I found are more reasonable and will do small quantities but they have no web site, don’t do email and I have to FAX them what I want and they’ll fax back a quote. They probably then dispatch the order on a donkey.

Interestingly if you look at UK sites the prices are at least a third of what they are here (or 7 times less for the 3/8 bolt above!) but of course shipping will be a killer. The VAR spares do have some so I will get some off them as their prices are very good but I am not sure what the selection is like. I will try to reuse as many original things as I can of course but some replacements will be needed.

I am wondering if I could make a tumbler from an old windscreen wiper motor and a metal tin. Throw in all the old bolts with some sand and leave it to roll about to clean the nuts and bolts. Be a hell of a lot easier than wire brushing everything!

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