Rear shocks.

November 24th, 2012

Today I cleaned up the rear shocks. These, like the front, are just metal plates what rub together with friction discs between them. A large spring puts them under the correct tension. I stripped them down and wire brushed them. I discovered the brass discs that go between the friction discs and the steel were worn, one completely through. The discs were some that someone has home made from some hardboard. The centre bush on one shock was very worn and on the other shock completely missing! The through bolts were worn also. I did the same trick I did with the front shock mounting studs and fixed them up with MIG weld that I then ground down. I was able to machine these on  my mini lathe.

IMG_3043_1 Rear shocks.

I already have new shock friction material but I will need to get new brass discs and centre bushes.

I gave everything the usual coat (well, two) of black enamel and they are now hung up to dry.

IMG_3050_1 Painted and drying.

I also looked about under the house and found some wood I think I can use to make the under floor supports. These seem to be wall edgings I think?

IMG_3047_1 Found timber.

I don’t know what the timber is. It’s not pine. It is harder than that.  Some of it had borer in it too. I used my saw to cut off the sides to create two boards. I did the same to the borer affected piece and then cut a number of 1/4 inch wide strips until I got down to the borer damaged part to use as edging to finish off the plywood floors.

IMG_3048_1 Cut timber.

I also cleaned up some small bolts and bits and pieces. I want to mount the hub backing plates on the front axle but first I need to insert the caps on the ends of the stub axle where the king pin fits in. These caps are basically small frost plugs that need to be hammered into place so that the grease stays put around the king pin. I need to fit those before bolting the hub backing plates on. I suspect it might be easier with the axle off the car so I will remove it and hammer them into place soon.

During the week I ordered the bearing I need for the rear axle as well. Instead of the $200NZ+ some places want for it here it was about just under $80NZ shipped from the UK.

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