Under floor supports.

November 26th, 2012

On Sunday I spent most of the day working on my nieces christmas present but I did some work on the car after Joss came round for a visit.

I added in the little caps that go on the ends of the stub axles. The lower ones went in fine but the upper ones I will need to redo.  So I need to get more frost plugs to do that.

I also cut the under floor supports. First I removed the floors and cut out the correct width for the transmission tunnel (plus a little for the edge strips). With the floors out I was able to measure how high the wooden support rails needed to be so the floor would sit flush on them while the rails transfer the weight to the chassis cross members. The chassis rails on an A7 are tapered so the height is different between front and rear cross members.

IMG_3062_1 IMG_3063_1 Measuring heights.

With the heights measured and the length known I used my flexi-curve to draw a pleasing shape to the rails.

IMG_3066_1 Drawing curves.

I then cut out one rail using the scroll saw then used it as a template to draw the shape on the other one and cut that out too.

These rails are attached to the floor (glue and screws) but they don’t attach to the chassis at all. This allows for some movement between them.

IMG_3069_1 IMG_3070_1 IMG_3071_1

Under floor rails.

I wonder if it might be worth adding some felt between the two. I can soak the felt in oil or grease then as the paint rubs off the oil soaked felt should stop things from rusting. With the rails in place the floor is once again soil enough to sit on.

The other thing Joss suggested was a change to some of the steel frame. By shifting two of the supports I could move them from line of sight outside the car. I welded in new supports higher up the frame.

IMG_3055_1 IMG_3057_1 Higher supports.

After welding in the new supports I removed the old ones. A quick wrap in cardboard shows how the supports are now up out of sight so looking into the car you will just see uninterrupted aluminium skin which looks much cleaner.

IMG_3060_1 Clean insides.

The cross tube on the far right is where the instrument panel will be so you won’t see that.

I also decided there wasn’t enough clearance around the steering wheel and the side of the frame was a bit close to my fingers when turning the wheel so I cut and bent the frame at that point.

IMG_3072_1 IMG_3073_1 More clearance around wheel.

The clearance is correct but the tube is a bit wonky now so I will cut out that section and replace it with a new section bent to fit.

I also ordered some more parts from the VAR spares department. Nuts and bolts mainly as well as parts to allow me to rebuild the rear shocks.


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