Cockpit tubes.

November 28th, 2012

Last night and tonight I redid the cockpit tube around the steering wheel. I recovered that part of the car with cardboard then drew a line where it looked like it should go. Then I bent a tube to match. I did it in several sections all welded together.

IMG_3084_1 IMG_3086_1 Cardboard again.

There is now a lot more clearance around the wheel. Even when wearing gloves. And the cockpit edge doesn’t look so cramped around the steering wheel.

That used up the last of my lengths of tube too.

IMG_3090_1 IMG_3092_1 More clearance.

The other thing I got today was my bearing from the UK. It came from SimplyBearings and the service was brilliant. I ordered online last week and they shipped it on the 22nd and it arrived in NZ on the 27th. It was a signed for package so I had to go collect it as no one was home yesterday when the postie came. All up it was just under $80NZ including shipping.  Amazing that the local companies take longer and charge more (even for courier across the city often)  than a company half a world away.

IMG_3083_1 Bearing.

The outer housing is now in the deep freeze so hopefully tomorrow night it will just slip easily into place inside the axle housing. I need to make lock tabs for the diff bolts and set it up on V blocks so I can work out the best position to bolt on the crown wheel to minimise the run out. Then I can assemble the rear axle fully I hope. Shims and rear wheel bearings are on order from the VAR spares department now.

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