Rear shocks.

December 2nd, 2012

Not much progress this weekend as I was working on Steed and my niece’s Christmas present.

Half my parts arrived form the VAR spares. They sent two packets and only one has arrived so far. Hopefully the other isn’t far away. I did get the rear shocks assembled since the centre bushes and shims arrived. The brass discs needed a little filing in the middle to fit.

IMG_3094_1 IMG_3095_1 Rear shocks.

I also fitted the roller bearing to the torque tube shaft. The outer ring goes into the axle and I was able to tap that home. The bearing is a very tight fit on the shaft so I put it in the oven and turned it up to maximum and left it to heat up. After a while I took it out (wearing thick welders gloves)  and slipped it over the shaft and it simply slid into place. I might need to do the same trick with the two thrust ball bearings too but they were covered in oil and since I needed to cook dinner in the same oven I decided to leave that till I can wash the oil off before heating them.

IMG_3103_1 Torque shaft roller bearing.

Joss popped round with some taps this afternoon and I tapped the holes for the cow horns. Given the difficulty in finding BSF taps (well, not difficult but expensive) and the difficulty getting imperial bolts I went with M12. Terrible I know.  But MUCH easier to get suitable bolts.

IMG_3105_1 Tapping cow horn holes.

I took it really slowly as I didn’t want to break a tap in the holes at all so a lot of tapping fluid and much backing out of the tap to clear the swarf. The idea is when I need to work on the front of the car it is fairly easy to remove the whole front end by removing a smallish number of bolts that go into captive threads.

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