Slight progress.

December 4th, 2012

Tonight I bolted the cow horns back on with new bolts into the tapped holes. They are now VERY secure. Total overkill probably but they look good.

IMG_3108_1 Cow horns.

I also fitted the two pinion thrust ball bearings into their housing. They were a simple press fit in – thrust faces together.

IMG_3114_1 Thrust bearings.

Now between the roller bearing and the thrust bearings there is a spacer. This is supposed to be 3/4 on an inch long in my car with the later axle. Mine is quite worn and a lot shorter. It has a step and lip worn on one side and a grove on the other end. I believe this is meant to be a straight tube spacer. When it wears it allows the pinion gear to move in relation to the crown wheel and they wear out.

IMG_3109_1 IMG_3110_1 Pinion shaft spacer.

I think I will need to face the ends in the lathe to get them back to flat then fit shims to bring it back to the proper length. Apparently Mini ball joint kits use shims that will fit. All I need now is a friend with a bunch of Minis….

I also looked at assembling the differential. I need to make up lock tabs and work out which side the crown wheel bolts on. I believe it is the right hand, machined side seen here. Only mine doesn’t fit since I have a miss-match of parts. I think a very careful sanding of the faces will be enough to get them to fit together.

IMG_3112_1 Differential.

When I get them to fit I will see which of the three positions you can bolts the crown wheel on will give the least run out and go with that.

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  1. Paul Stevens Says:

    Thanks for showing these, they have been invaluable in helping me understand how the radiator mounts.


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