Starting to finish the frame.

January 13th, 2013

Over the weekend I have done a bit on the car despite it being bloody hot in the garage, especially when welding!

I removed the cardboard and started tweaking the frame. I fixed the dodgy corner and if anything now part of it is a little low so it needs another tweak! I also tweaked the cockpit surround tube where Joss pointed out it was a little flat. I had to cut it, bend it then weld in an extra 3/8 inch or so piece to fill the gap. I have slowly started brazing some of the welds too but I will probably wait till I can pull the frame off  and then it’s easier to turn it to appropriate angles for welding. I have been busy sanding down the spot welds and all the steel joins to make everything smooth. Steel dust everywhere so a good face mask is essential.

IMG_3374_1 IMG_3359_1 IMG_3360_1

I also went for a drive on Saturday morning and got some more steel. A piece of 90 degree angle to use as the bottom of the instrument panel. The flat face make it easy to bolt the instrument panel on and the flat bottom make is easy to bolt on the top steering column support which I need to make. I will borrow an original off Joss to copy to make mine.

I also fitted the throttle pedal This is attached to a horizontal bar that runs across the front of the firewall to get the movement form the pedal on the left way over to the carburettor which is on the left of the engine. I put the pedal close to the right hand side of the car and there is enough room that I shouldn’t need a bulge on the side of the body. I still need to cut down and weld (VERY carefully) the brake pedal to bring the height down. It is sitting high because I am using a steering wedge to change the angle of the column and that of course lifts the pedal pivot point higher.

This is the problem with moving thing, stuff ends up interfering with other stuff! For example the throttle shaft does hit the fly wheel cover on top of the engine. I think what I will do is cut and re-weld the linkage like a crank with very short webs made from plate steel. It only needs 1/4 to 1/2 and inch of clearance. Of course I don’t actually know what the carburettor end is linking too so I might just leave it for now.

IMG_3369_1 IMG_3367_1 Throttle linkage.

The other thing I did was temporarily assemble the brake cross shaft. I need to do this to make sure the brakes clear everything and that the lever will work. It’s a real jig saw puzzle of the thing. I got it together but am still a little unsure where all the felt seals go so I left them out for now. As far as I can see the brakes and cables will clear everything on the body but I really need to put the rear brake units in place in the hubs to make sure.

The handbrake lever is tall but I think if any shorter it would feel awkward.

IMG_3372_1 Brake on.

IMG_3368_2 Brake off.

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