Finishing the transmission tunnel.

March 20th, 2013

Tonight I finished off the transmission tunnel. I measured and then cut the front piece so I could fold over the right hand edge at 90 degrees. This is how the earlier cars were (not sure about Rubys) and it is because the front piece is slightly wider than the tunnel itself.

IMG_3615_1 IMG_3622_1 Tunnel front.

I still need to drill mounting holes and do some trimming but it is all mostly done now. Things like this and the tunnel will be held in place into T nuts inserted into the bottom of the floor.

I then cut and folded the flanges that will bolt the tunnel to the rear firewall. I folded the flanges (and the one above) using my flat welding pilers and then finished off with a little hammer and dolly.

IMG_3618_1 IMG_3621_1 Tunnel flanges.

Of course the flanges go on the other side of the firewall and bolts then hold everything together. I don’t want to weld it since when you remove the body from the floor the tunnel would only be held at that one end and  with nothing else holding it it would probably bend the firewall or itself just flapping about unsupported.

I can’t put it in place until the body is off the floor again.

When under the car marking the angle for the flanges I noticed one small visit from Mr cock-up.

IMG_3617_1 Diff scraping the axle cover.

Yep, the sheet metal is hitting the rear of the diff.

“Sheet! Sheet!” I exclaimed!

There should be 1/2 an inch of clearance there but somehow that  disappeared! It only just scrapes (although there is no fill plug in place yet) so I might be able to dome the metalwork just there or else I can  cut it out and weld in a small bump to provide clearance. I bet if I measured the angle on that rear sheet metal it will be less than 90 degrees from the top which is where my clearance went.

And finally something to ponder. Why is there a netball hoop on top of the Auckland High Court tower?

20130320_161756big 20130320_161756 I don’t understand this!

Apparently, according to an ex netball playing friend, that’s a basketball hoop.

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  1. apalled Says:

    you’re all about the flanges and the cock-ups this weekend, absolutely filthy!!

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