Spring covers.

March 24th, 2013

I checked the rear firewall and yes, it is past 90 degrees which is where my clearance went. I’ll hammer up a blister soon and make a cut out and put that in place. Will look like it’s meant to be that way!

IMG_3643_3 Missing clearance.

I also finished up spring covers. I was going to spot weld them then I realised none of those welds are seen so I plug welded them with MIG instead. On the inside I hammered over the rear firewall as tabs and brazed them to the covers.

IMG_3645_1 IMG_3646_1 Rear covers.

I also gas welded in little pieces to finish off the flanges of the frame where it bolts to the body. On Friday I rang Ullrich Aluminium to order the bolts I needed. They were brilliant and confirmed the bolts I need are correct and let me order over the phone with a credit card. They also don’t have minimum quantities like most places. Hopefully those are waiting for me at work tomorrow. The frame is attached to the floor via T nuts and slotted gutter bolts. Finding them without stupid modern combination heads was tricky but these should be correct.

IMG_3649_1 IMG_3651_1 IMG_3652_1

Side flanges and spring covers.

Today I went to help Joss with his car. We riveted up the floor pan with proper blind rivets which is really a two person job. I cut down the long rivets Joss bought while he drilled holes then we had to manipulate the floor into various awkward positions to fix the rivets. We did 101 rivets in the end and it took a long time! Good to get it done though. Joss has also done some of the aluminium welding so the body itself is coming along.

20130324_155201 20130324_150612 20130324_132221

Am looking forward to getting the aluminium on mine in a month or so!


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