Bolting things down.

March 25th, 2013

Today my bolts and T-nuts I ordered arrived. I got 1/4 and 3/16 gutter bolts with a mush-slot head. They are nice ones too. I also got some T-nuts that will allow me to bolt things down onto the floor.

IMG_3656_1 Bolts and t-nuts.

I started by bolting the rear of the tunnel to the rear firewall. Then I bolted the front cover down. This all took a lot longer than I thought making sure everything aligned and drilling the holes in the right places.  I also riveted in the passenger foot-well floor and will need to take the firewall off to spot weld that in place. The drivers side will bolt in.

IMG_3661_1 IMG_3660_1 Bolted down.

I also had to hammer up the front of the cover to clear the speed drive housing. I still need to make a hole for the cable to come through but I need a cable first to make sure I get the size correct.

IMG_3659_1 Lip on front cover.

Next I can bolt in the drivers floor and also drill and add all the bolts along the edges of the tunnel and frame. These go into the T-nuts that attach to the bottom of the floors. I didn’t get enough T-nuts it seems (I need about 40 or so) so I will order more tomorrow as well as some longer bolts to go through the chassis.

Then I can remount the pedals. That should get me ready for Hampton this weekend. I want to also get the instrument panel done but I might not have time for that.

I also tweaked the gear shift. It’s bent over nearly 90 degrees but it is workable in that position although I think ultimately I will make a remote shifter.

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