Valance brackets.

March 26th, 2013

Tonight I welded in the passenger side floor. And I made up the little angle brackets that strengthen the firewall where the valances bolt on. These are steel strips bent into a 90 degree angle. I brazed on nuts that the valance bolts screw into. These really increase the stiffness of the valances. I might also make up little captive but plates for where the front of the valances mount to the cow horns.

IMG_3663_1 IMG_3666_1 Valance brackets.

I also tidied up the holes in the drivers side where the pedals mount. I shifted the throttle pedal linkage to bolt to the front of the firewall instead of the bottom so now it clears the flywheel cover. I did have to weld up the previous hole I made and open up new ones. I filed semicircular slots to provide clearance.

IMG_3665_1 IMG_3668_1 Driver side.

The pedal shaft needed a slight tweak (done in the vice) so it clears the valance. I will next put the driver side floor in place and cut out the holes for the pedal shafts to pass though and also drill holes so the floor can be bolted down.

I remake the little cover over top of the flywheel to be slightly wider I think I can bolt it down using some of the same holes used for the mounting the floor.

IMG_3670_1 Shifted throttle linkage.

I also ordered more T-nuts today and some bolts suitable for mounting the floor to the chassis.

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