Welding in tunnel hump.

April 18th, 2013

Tonight I welded in the tunnel hump. Unfortunately I couldn’t reach the vertical flange with the spot welder so instead I punched holes in the edge with my joggler and plug welded it in with MIG.

IMG_3754_1 Cover with punched holes.

It’s a bit tricky welding under the car and I did catch some splatters on the chest which causes nasty little burns. Of course you have to then not jiggle about too much for fear of knocking the car off the axle stands!

I was able to spot the bottom section. Welding was tricky due to the awkward position and the splatter and I did get a little separation between the two pieces of steel at one point. But I was able to hammer the hot welds to shrink things a bit and hammer the gap to be smaller. A bit of sanding to clean it all up and now it’s strong and won’t move and a little seam sealer after painting will fix any small gaps.

IMG_3755_1 IMG_3758_1 Welded in.

Also, during the week, I ordered these small clevis rod ends with integral clips. I got them from Air Products in Nelson. They don’t do on-line credit card orders or even over the phone but they sent me an invoice I could pay via Internet banking and shipped them up right away. I had them the next day.

These will be used on the remote gear shift linkage to link the two sticks together.

IMG_3751_1 Clevis rod ends.

I only need two but since I was ordering them I figured Joss might need a couple for his car too. He was who put me onto these in the first place!

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