Middle section.

May 21st, 2013

Tonight I welded in the mid top section. That went pretty well and my welding is improving. I did go a little lumpy at the end of one weld but nowhere near as bad as when I started! These will be ground down and hammered smooth of course.

20130521_191938 Weld.

Where the welds reach the ends of the panels you can’t weld right to the end as you just blow out the joint. Instead you add in a separate piece and then weld onto that. It then gets trimmed later. You want to trim through a weld so that the joint is strong. If you leave the un-welded portion there a tear could develop that would continue along the panels.

20130521_204402 20130521_204353 Weld to end of panels instead of leaving un-welded sections.

Being the evening I couldn’t grind the welds due to the noise. Joss may do that for me during the day when no one is home.

Joss made up a quick wooden template for the front edge of the rear most panel to see where that needed to fit as my tube on the frame is too low. I don’t actually need the tubes there anyway as the boot opening is wrapped up, around a wire, instead of down around a tube. With the wood in place I tried my original tail piece and as luck would have it it fitted due to being previously trimmed fat. I only needed to cut a small amount off it to get it fitting nicely. That’s now clamped in position ready to weld.

20130521_203740 20130521_203744

20130521_204018 20130521_204044

We also started trimming the panels a bit closer to their final shape. I need to finish the bottom of the side welds as mentioned above to finish the welds then trim them through the welds to get the bottom line right.

20130521_203754 Tail.

I will do that after finishing the tail piece welding. Then I need to hammer up and weld in the very tip of the tail and the body welding is complete. Then the hammer and dolly and file work can begin but I can move the car and frame home to do that.

For some reason the tail without that little piece looks to me somewhat like a Womble.

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