Welding finished.

May 26th, 2013

I did go back and grind off the tail welds as well as making the little tail cap piece. That is simply bashed out roughly on a hollow log with a big hammer. You can really belt it about. Once you get something like the shape you want you start tidying it up over a bench stake to smooth it all off. You keep trial fitting it, trimming it smaller and smaller, tweaking and re-fitting. Eventually it gets to the right shape and you carefully cut and file until the piece fits in nicely ready to weld.

20130524_174853 20130524_180019

20130524_201201 20130524_201221 Tail end.

You can change the shape of the tail depending on how you make this piece.

That was then welded in then hammered and filed until smooth. When hammering a weld split and needed re-welding. This was where I didn’t quite get the two pieces of aluminium lined up before welding. This is important to do. Because they weren’t level when I welded when I filed it I filed through the weld (so technically the weld didn’t fail, it was just removed). I re-welded it and then re-filed it.

20130525_123122 20130525_124058 Tail welded.

That took care of Friday night. On Saturday Joss showed me how to start hammering the skin into shape. First I just need to get the shape correct then later I will go over it smoothing it all out. Later Mike came to help me move the body back home on his trailer.

20130526_130901 Body back home.

Now I can do the rest of the work back in my shed. I have made up a holder for the body file I bought. That’s just a lump of wood it is attached to. I also need a wooden mallet so I had a look in the wood pile and found a likely looking wooden log. I cut that, hand planed the back off the the log somewhat round then drilled a hole and attachedĀ  a handle made from a scrap fop dowel I found under the house. I still need to sand the ends smooth and flat (hence the tape line) but that should work fine. The aluminium is pretty easy to hit!

20130526_155122 20130526_171527

20130526_173018 20130526_181720 Tools.

When I was pottering about a car with a trailer pulled up right outside my house. Seems the load on the trailer wasn’t secure so they stopped to better tie it down. I went to see if they needed a hand. The load turned out to be this:

20130526_152236 Norton.

Apparently it’s a 1946 Norton ES2. The chap said he was only the second owner! It still runs but has been stored for years and it got a little damp so the paint is faded and the chrome rusting but it still looks great! Since my garage door was open they popped in to have a look at the car too and seemed impressed.

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