Tidying up the skin.

June 8th, 2013

After taking a break from the car for a bit (I instead fixed up my lathe and worked on my bus sign) I got back into it this weekend. I started filing and hammering the welds to make them smooth. I did split one but that was easily welded back up. I still have more hammering to do yet. I also made some tools to use on the body including the slapping file.

That was made from a large bastard file. You need a 14 inch one. The tang is cut off with the angle grinder and the file ends ground smooth on the bench grinder. I also ground in some finger grips. The file is then heated up and bent to make a handle. Finally the handle is covered in some thick heat shrink.

IMG_3875_1 IMG_3878_1 IMG_3879_1 Slapping file.

I also finished the body file and the wooden mallet (made from a bit of firewood and a dowel handle).

IMG_3905_1 Tools.

Along with those tools I use various dollies although you never have the right shaped one!



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