Frame mods.

June 9th, 2013

Joss popped in today and suggested a slight change I might make. When making the skin the idea of having just one bucket seat for the driver and only a simple seat for the passenger came up. The car isn’t really meant for two people although two can fit. The passenger then can make do with a simple cushion and padded back. This would work better if the rear firewall was further forward which is what Joss suggested today.

So I made some minor modifications to the frame.

IMG_3910_1 IMG_3909_1 Frame mods.

Yep, the rear firewall and axle tunnel were cut out. I also removed the unneeded framing around the tail and boot opening. The skin is more than solid enough to be self supporting and since the boot opening will be wired up and not wrapped down around the tubes the tubes themselves weren’t needed. I had an afternoon with the angle grinder chopping bits off the frame!

I will make a new rear firewall that site about an inch or two further forward than the old one. The passenger seat back will attach directly to the firewall, a bit like a bench seat. I will also make a new axle cover which I am quite pleased about as the old one was a bit wonky and I wasn’t very happy with it.

With some of the tubes and the rear firewall removed the skin sits a bit better on the frame but it still needs some adjustment and a lot more smoothing out.


The smoothing will be much easier now as I can do a lot of it with the car on the frame since now I can easily get to both sides of the aluminium.


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