Remote shifter.

July 16th, 2013

I finished off my remote shifter. I was worried that the front stick was a bit thin around the hole and that if anything broke the stub of a shaft would be too hard to manually shift into gear. So I cut a disc of metal and filed a slot in it that fits over the end of the shaft and MIG welded it in place. It strengthens around the hole and also means if anything breaks on the linkage I should just be able to shove it into a gear. Changing gear when moving would be tricky but it would get me rolling.

I bought some suitably long bolts and extended the thread down further but left the part that fits though the clevis and shafts smooth to act as a bearing surface. I could machine up some brass inserts to act as bearing surfaces in the gearbox shafts but I think these will be fine. It won’t be a high mileage car and a bit of oil now and then will prevent most wear. I will use Nylock nuts to bolt it all up so nothing comes loose. It’ll all come apart again (probably about 200 times before the car is done)  so I didn’t do them up tight yet. I also bought a suitable bolt to fit the Austin gear knob and silver soldered that into the end of the shaft so I could screw my knob on.

IMG_4000_1 IMG_4016_1 IMG_4007_1

Remote shifter.

Tonight I came home and since it wasn’t bloody freezing (yet) I went and modified the floor so I could finish hammering around the front of the aluminium and get the skin fitting on the frame properly. I cut and filed notched so the aluminum would sit in place.

IMG_4008_1 Floor notches.

Once the aluminium is wrapped around they won’t be needed so I can patch the holes later. With the aluminium hammered around I was able to fit it back on the frame on the chassis. To fill in the gap at the front I stuck on some cardboard to show where the bonnet goes.

IMG_4015_1 IMG_4011_1

The curve on the cardboard isn’t right but it gives the idea. Big tall front, long tapered bonnet, curved body. Definitely not Ulsterish. Ideal!

Finally some people have commented there are no pics of me on this site (there is one actually) so here is one I took with my film camera and a home made pinhole lens. I call it “Idiot restoring a rear axle”.


Yep, still need to work on that axle. My photography is improving though.

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