Rear axle almost done.

September 8th, 2013

I finally got the right number of shims and spacers and got everything so it looks sort of right I think. Of course it looks nothing like in the books but I think it’s about right. Yesterday morning I went by the local bearing place not sure if they would be open or not. They were so I got a sealed bearing for the end of the torque tube, the one near the prop shaft end. The normal bearing is an open type and the brass retaining that screws down on top of it has a scroll machined in it to supposedly fling oil back down the tube. Using a modern, sealed bearing here helps stop oil leaks.  This is especially true on lowered specials where the tube isn’t at such an uphill angle making it easier for the oil to run up it.

IMG_4146_1 New bearing and old.

So I cleaned everything up and carefully ground the edges of some small ships on the crown wheel to remove stress points and started assembling everything. I am making sure all the threads are clean and all nuts will spin on properly.  Every thing is clean and done up tight and locked in place.

I then repainted the axle and torque tube in black. Managed to get it done just before any rain came.

IMG_4148_1 Painted outside.

IMG_4150_1 Inside to dry.

That is with enamel paint which takes a week or more to dry so those will sit till next weekend. I need to pull the old, temporary axle off the car and get the back plates and drums off it then next weekend I can put the proper axle in place finally.

I also touched up the paint on the back of the hubs which it seems I forgot to do earlier. Since I am using sealed bearings in the read hubs I can leave out the felt seal but you do still need the metal washer/spacer to the bearing fits tightly between the hub halves.

IMG_4152_1 Rear hub backs.

While the wheels are off I will hammer and file the vertical join in the body the wheels usually cover. I still have some more hammer and filing to go but it’s getting very close now. I finish that then remake the rear firewall. With that done the frame can be cleaned and repainted then we can wrap the skin to the frame.  The aim to do that is the start of October.

Meanwhile Phoenix got the payment for my crank and rods and hopefully they should be shipped off soon.

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