Engine stripping.

September 15th, 2013

Work on the body continues. More filing and hammering. With the rear axle off I can get to the sides and clean up those welds. Am definitely getting the hang of it now. I also tried the slap stick a bit and that can really bring up low spots quickly! I find I can only do a few hours worth before my arms and shoulders start aching from pushing on the dollies so hard.


I am starting to get close to the point where I say bugger it, it’s a painted car and a good coat of primer will fill those low spots!

The rear axle is now all assembled, adjusted, bolted together and painted all ready to go back on the car finally done. Hopefully it’s right! It seems to turn well and there is the right amount of backlash. I just hope the meshing is correct! I put the bushes into the axle eyes and ran a 1/2 inch reamer through them ready top put the axle back on soon.

I also started stripping the block I have. I didn’t store it very well so it has some surface rust so will need to clean it up. But I wanted to strip it and start again anyway. I did find my valve compressor was tricky to use as the pairs of valves are so close together in the block it was hard to compress just one spring. The arms that hold the top of the spring are screwed to the compressor so I think when it comes to assembling the engine I will make a special set to fit the Austin block.

The block seems pretty good. I measured the bored with inside callipers and they seem to be 2.26 inches which I think means they are +60 from normal. It seems someone has had a go at cleaning up the ports but I am not sure how good a job has been done. And the valves, both inlet and exhaust, are 1 inch diameter. That can definitely be improved on. There are two studs stuck in the block so I am soaking them in penetrating fluid (50% acetone/50% ATF) and will try removing them once that’s had a chance to work.

The holes where the water pipe attach to the side of the block seem a bit knackered. I am not sure what the standard way of repairing this will be.

IMG_4165_1 IMG_4168_1

IMG_4170_1 IMG_4178_1 Block.

Normally you’d carefully number all the valves and so on so you know which ones come from where in the block but as I probably won’t be reusing anything I didn’t bother. I have no idea what the springs are so will probably replace them also.

Also last night I went to a friend 40th party and spent most of the evening talking to his father who owns an Austin 12/4. At one point more containers (for leftovers) were needed so I went with my friends dad to go collect some from his place a few roads away and to see the car. Beautiful car! Very tall and lots of glass! It runs and is nearly road legal now.

20130914_205933 Austin 12/4.

He also gave me a big box of old car magazines called “On the road”. I’ve never seen it before. It is more modern cars than vintage really but it seems to have articles about everything. Should be a great read. The copyright date is 1978-1979!



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