Girling brakes.

October 8th, 2013

Actually semi-Girling. Not sure why it’s semi but I think it’s because full Girling brakes are rod operated and these still use levers and cables.

I was busy fitting the rear brake shoes in the weekend but got stuck when the drum wouldn’t fit over them. Fitting the hubs and new thin bearing nut went well. This nut is usually buggered by people undoing them with a chisel it seems.

IMG_4250_1 Inner bearing nut.

The issue was the new linings which, even though riveted on correctly, didn’t accurately fit inside the drums. The solution is to bed them in as described here. I used an old drum and stuck 120 grit paper to the insides with double sided tape then rubbed the brake shoes and linings against the insides until they were rubbing well over most of their area. It was mainly the ends holding them off the inside of the drum. There isn’t enough curve in the linings and so the ends seems to lift up a little off the shoes.

IMG_4253_1 IMG_4256_1 IMG_4259_1

The last picture shows a bedded in shoe on the left and an fresh one on the right. I only sanded until it looked like the whole surface was touching. They’ll need more bedding in with use of course.

I tried fitting the drum again and they still didn’t fit! I was carefully checking that the brake cam was fully disengaged and the adjusters were fully in when I noticed something I never spotted before. The little plungers in the adjusters are actually handed. I haven’t seen this mentioned in any books. The red book doesn’t mention it. The plungers are in pairs and handed so it is actually possible to get the pairs muddled up as well as getting the plungers the wrong way around.

IMG_4263_1 Girling adjuster plungers.

The way to fit them is to first wind the adjuster screw in (to move the plungers out) and then make sure that they settle correctly onto the face of the pyramid shaped screw and that the slots are running parallel to the back plate. It is possible to fit them the wrong way around if you first screw the adjuster all the way out. If you do that the slots can be parallel but the faces of the plungers don’t properly sit on the face of the screw when you wind it in. They actually sit a fraction further out since they aren’t seated properly and that fraction can be enough to stop the drum sliding on smoothly. It also seems plungers can be slightly different lengths so you have to make sure you use pairs that are the same length.

IMG_4265_1 Plungers sitting correctly.

With the plungers correctly fitted the drum slides on. There is a tiny amount of dragging but they will wear in easily I think. You should also make sure the inside face of the drum is free from paint and rust before fitting them.

I haven’t fitted the rear levers yet as I am missing the cotters I need for those. I also started bedding in a fitting the front brakes. I do have the levers for those but they were new ones and I hadn’t painted them yet. You can’t install the cams first then install the levers as there isn’t room to fit them with the axle in the way I think (unless you can do so at full lock) so I left that job for tomorrow once the paint on the new levers dries.

I also went to visit Ian in the weekend and we had a great chat about engine things. I had him check out my block for me and that is good to use. It needs some thread inserts and I need to get the top machined (as well as having the head skimmed). I will use racing pistons that are +64 thou and need to get those before I take the block to be machined as I can then get them to increase the bore size to fit. I’ll also get double value springs, fit bigger inlet valves and clean up the ports. I also need to ring someone in the UK about a suitable cam.

I better do all this soon as I might not have a job soon and may not have the money to spare until I find a new one! I also need to get the car presentable as this Sunday there should be a garage raid by the Vintage Car Club who are coming to see what I am up to.

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  1. Eddie Mann Says:

    Hi, My special is progressing. Do you know where to buy bonnet hinge material? I need three one metere lengths and the only stuff I can find so far is piano hinge material. Regards, Eddie

  2. admin Says:

    You can make them! Or get someone who knows how to. I don’t know where you could buy them here. Apparently the earlier ones are a slide on arrangement but the later ones were simply spot welded in place.

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