Finished brakes.

October 20th, 2013

Well, not entirely but the wheels and hubs are all done. I’ve had a busy few weeks. First my computer died and needed rebuilding and second I got made redundant so time is taken up with interviews and so on.

I did finish assembling the brakes on each corner though. I had forgotten to bevel the ends of the pads and so I took each drum apart and did that as well as adjusting the little tabs that hold the shoes in place so the linings were running parallel to the inside face of the drums.

IMG_4273_1 Shoe holding tab.

I had trouble with the new front brake levers I bought. It seems the holes through them are slightly off and the cotter pins just fall straight through instead of engaging the flat on the brake cams. The cams seem fine as my good second hand pair of levers  fit fine and the cotters lock tight as they should.

One thing I have noticed is without the cables the springs on the levers actually pull them back past the ‘off’ position so they brakes are all being slightly held on. I can roll the car but they definitely drag. I am hoping when the cable is on they take that up so the brake levers are in the correct position. I can’t do the cable until after I finish the cross shaft and that needs to wait till the body/floor are off.

I also did up the rear hub nuts. So far to only 120 ft-lbs. They are tight but can go further.

Last weekend a combination of people from the VAR and the Waitemata VCC cane to visit. They first went to see Joss then came to my place then from there we went to Richard’s. Lots of standing about talking and looking at cars. Was quite enjoyable. I had my ‘toy’ camera with me and took some shots but unfortunately most of the film got fogged somehow (possibly when I was trying to get the damn thing on the developing reel) and not many shots came out.

2013-10-19_49_1 2013-10-19_59_1 Garage raid.

Today I did more metal bashing and also had a go at wrapping my steering wheel in string. I used hemp string which is a bit uneven and not a consistent thickness so the wheel looks somewhat rustic! If I can find something better to use I might redo it but for now it will work. It actually makes the wheel much easier to grip actually. I’ll varnish it to make it waterproof. To get it tight I soaked the whole ball of string in a bucket of water over night then wound it on wet and let it dry which makes it shrink and tighten.

IMG_4285_1 Rustic look.

The car skin is almost smooth now. I bash away at it and it seems horribly lumpy to me. Then I go away for a few days and come back and realise that it’s not actually that bad. I do a bit more bashing and it feels lumpy again! It is actually getting smoother but the more you do it the smaller the imperfections you can feel! So sometimes it’s good to stop and walk away.

Joss came over and we rolled the car out to have a look and it’s not looking bad.

IMG_4290_1 Outside again.

He is keen to see the skin properly wrapped on the frame so now I need to start work on the replacement rear firewall. The wooden template is in so all I need to do is hot glue small sticks all around the edges to meet the aluminium skin. I can then use that to trace out the exact shape on some steel and then cut that out and hammer up the flange. The firewall will be welded to the frame and a line of rivets will attach the skin to the firewall

IMG_4292_1 Firewall.

Since I will no longer be at work in a couple of weeks I had to contact Phoenix and tell them not to send my crank and rods there. Luckily they haven’t been sent yet but they should be soon. I also ordered race pistons and other parts from A7 Components in the UK.

I started stripping down the crankcase ready for engine rebuilding which mean pulling it and the gearbox off the chassis.

IMG_4281_1 Crankcase.

The front lip (the original aluminium ones are either broken or very likely to break!) has been replaced on this crankcase already with a steel ring but held with only two screws. I might get that redone by a chap Richard knows who works on his engines.

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