More bloody bashing and presents!

November 30th, 2013

Yes, still more bashing. Not so much more to do now I think though. Just the tail and the sides a little more. Must remember it’s an aluminium car and it will get bashed about. It also occured to me when we wrap the edges around the tubes it’s probably all going to go wonko anyway.

IMG_4524_1 IMG_4526_1

A little excitement today too when I went into the garage after a break and found the top of the car covered in bird crap! Looking about I found a baby thrush had flown in and now couldn’t get out (despite the garage door being wide open). It took a few minutes of chasing it about before I caught it and let it go outside.

I also took some pictures of the block as it is after coming out of the molasses. It really cleans things well. So well I discovered that the side water branch threads are actually helicoiled.

IMG_4519_1 IMG_4522_1 IMG_4523_1

And finally my presents (to myself) arrived! My Phoenix crank and rods turned up. And they are lovely. The big end shells seem to be standard Renault ones. Probably impossible to get in NZ but must be relatively common in the UK.


It’s a splash fed 1.5 inch crank and matching rods. I will look at adding a second set of oil jets to the crankcase to increase the oil flow to the big ends (oil is squirted into those little holes in the webs as the crank turns). There are two jets normally but you can add two more point the other way to increase the oiling.

I also heard from Paul in the UK and my camshaft is on it’s way too. I still need some parts (mainly tappets) and I need to get the block machined. Unfortunately I had written down the measurements Ian suggested on the block itself in sharpie then forgot to copy them to somewhere before it went in the molasses! Will get the top of the block skimmed, have the bottom of the head machined and I will lap the base of the block to the top of the crankshaft myself.

Paul also sent me details of how to strengthen the crankcase to block joint with two long studs. I need to get hold of some HE30 aluminium bar and some EN16T steel to make long studs.


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