More rear axle cover.

January 9th, 2014

I realised the other day borrowing a bench stake wasn’t going to help me since I will need to get a dolly under the cover once it isn’t in place to hammer it all nice and smooth. So tonight I modified one of my existing dollys to make it a more suitable shape. It is one face I haven’t ever really used so I didn’t mind making it useful now.


I did some more bashing on the vertical panel and got a nice curve in it that follows the curve of the axle cutouts.


I did a test fitting and also used a bit of scrap to see how I can make the top part fit. I think I will put it on top of the square tube which does mean it is a bit awkward at the very top corners of the axle but it should look fine. Remember all this is inside the boot so not easily visible. You can see how you bend one piece half way and the other piece halfway then you can weld the edges together and then hammer it to be one single, smooth curve (which is why I need a hand dolly I can get into there).

IMG_4621_1 IMG_4622_1



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