February 9th, 2014

This weekend I did the wooden strips around the edges of the plywood floors. These are just epoxied in place. Then I trimmed them flush. At first I tried using the routers but that’s noisy and messy. Joss said just use a plane which is what I did.

IMG_4745_1 IMG_4744_1

I filled any holes with extra epoxy and then sanded it all smooth.

IMG_4746_1 IMG_4747_1 IMG_4748_1

It looks really nice and of course seals the edges of the plywood (which is the main point) but none of this will be seen from inside the car of course. The body hides it all! Once I finish filling all the holes and test fir the body to make sure all the holes are still in the right place I will fit T nuts  then paint everything with black paint to seal it all.

I also worked on the other instruments. I took them all apart and put things like the housings and glass in the ultrasonic cleaner.  The faces were just gently washed with cotton buds. You don’t rub in case the lettering comes off. I gave the needles a slight paint. Basically put white paint on them then wiped most of it off again. It just mnakes the needled look a bit brighter without looking new.

I need to replace the little blue plastic rings. These are all broken with age. These go between the glass and the dial faces. The rings let in light from outside the gauges (behind the instrument panel) to illuminate the faces. I will try making new rings with strips cut from plastic drink bottles.

IMG_4736_1 IMG_4737_1

Oh, and the steering wheel keeps getting closer to the right grubby state!

2 Responses to “Floors.”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hi Simon,

    I need to refurbish a speedo I bought which also has the blue rings disintegrating, I plan to cut some strips from A4 “L shaped” plastic pockets, you can see them here
    This might be an idea if the plastic drink bottle doesn’t suit.


  2. admin Says:

    Hi Marcus, that’s a good idea.The other thing I thought of using was strips from a milk bottle. The translucent, slightly rough textured kind, to give a white light. I am not sure why they were originally blue?

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