Firewall repainted.

March 19th, 2014

The firewall was wire brushed back and sanded today then I repainted it.  No paint runs this time. But the firewall does look now like a second hand one which has been repainted several times (which it has). It should be fine but if you look carefully you can see the wire brushing marks and other rough spots in the paint. Oh well, it’s patina.

IMG_1267_1 IMG_1270_1

The skin is back on the frame now and I think I am ready to wrap it on properly. I need to work out how much overhang I need to wrap the skin around the tube then do a final trimming to that mark.  Then the bits that are wrapped around are annealed to make them soft then the edges are bashed over.


Joss says it isn’t difficult but it will be nerve-racking since once it’s done that’s it, the skin is on!

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