Gauge face.

April 18th, 2014

I have done more on the inlet manifold. I completely forgot to buy a 31mm hole saw when I went to the engineering shop so I had to drill and file the outlet holes by hand. With that done I did a test fit of everything. I found that one of the bolts to bolt the blower on just wouldn’t fit through the hole past the outlet pipe. I could have fixed it by filing one of the flats on the head of the bolt as that would give enough clearance. I don’t like having specific fasteners in specific places though. Better if the four mounting bolts are all the same so it doesn’t matter how you put them in. Instead I filed out the holes and fitted a bigger diameter tube which gives me enough room now to drop the bolt in.

IMG_1549_1 IMG_1552_1

A test fit shows everything will work. I’ve started tack welding parts and tomorrow will braze it all together.

I also played about a little with making a new dial for my custom tachometer. The first was just printed on paper and glued on but for a recent project I played with etching brass. The results of that were so good I decided to try it on aluminium. The process is a little fiddly and needs nasty chemicals but the results are good. This was my first try and it’s good enough to use.


The etched one is on the left and the printed one on the right. The etching isn’t perfect so the face had a nice, old patina built into it. I wasn’t taking much care over it as it was just a quick test to see if it would even work. It is hard to photograph and looks better in person.


Once in the instrument panel with other suitably old gauges it shouldn’t look out of place at all.

Aluminium work, as always, continues slowly. Just some minor smoothing out to do now then I can re-anneal all the edges and we can try wrapping it on the tubes again.

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  1. Renaud in Brittany Says:

    Hi Simon,
    Could you tell us more about your ali engraving process please?
    Keep doing the good work!

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