Skin on (finally).

April 26th, 2014

The other day we had attempt two at wrapping the skin. It went much better this time. First though I did some more on the inlet manifold. I fitted the spring under a drilled freeze plug as a keeper. I also started grinding the flat plate to the body. I had filed it all flat previously but after welding it all distorted. I think it might need a little more grinding. I also pressure tested it with the manifolds blocked off. I filled it with water first then pressurised it with air form my compressor. The first time there were pin hole leaks in one outlet branch but a touch more braze solved that. The biggest issue was getting the sneeze valve plate to seal but I was able to test to 12PSI with no leaks. That should be more than enough. Plus with better gasket material (and a doubled up spring) I think it will be fine.

IMG_1616_1 IMG_1619_1 IMG_1622_1

Joss came over and we had our second attempt at the skin. This time we pop riveted it in place temporary as well as bashing around the bottom edge in a few places so it wouldn’t lift. It went much better this time although we did need to lift the edge again in a few places so Joss made this special tool from an old screwdriver. That can be used to lever up the edge of the aluminium if you need to reposition things.

IMG_1634_1 IMG_1632_1

After the first day the top edge was starting to be wrapped around with all of it at least half way there.


I continued on the next day and also did the bottom edge for which I rolled the body over onto it’s sides. The bottom is fairly easy and was just bashed over. Since it is a curved edge the skin will pucker as you wrap it around but then you just shrink the excess material back into itself like usual.

IMG_1651_1 IMG_1646_1

IMG_1647_2 IMG_1650_1

I managed to get most of it wrapped around but wasn’t sure about a few places on the top edge where things aren’t quite fitting. It seems my skin didn’t quite match the tubes so I do have a few odd curves going on but they shouldn’t matter too much. To prove that when Joss was over today he showed me how to finish smoothing things out and we put the body on the car. All the odd curves then disappear as you just see the whole thing and not the small details. I still have more smoothing out and cleaning up to do but it’s looking like a car now! We sat the firewall in place and threw in the instrument panel, steering wheel and seat too.

IMG_1668_1 IMG_1669_1

IMG_1670_1 IMG_1675_1

Definitely looks like a car. Definitely doesn’t look like an Ulster. It has much more shape than that. The peak down the middle stands out well. Definitely looks tall in the front unlike most specials too.


With the firewall propped in place you get a better idea of how the engine bay will look with the blower installed.

IMG_1680_1 IMG_1681_1

So, still more bashing to do (my neighbours will hate me by now) but it is almost done. Unfortunately it might need just a skim of filler here and there but overall that’s not too bad for a first attempt I think. I’ve been bashing that bloody bit of aluminium for almost exactly a year now so I am just happy it’s almost done, even if it isn’t perfect.

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  1. Dave Says:

    That looks great, so what’s next the guards? They will make a drastic change to the look I reckon!

  2. admin Says:

    Probably the bonnet first then guards. Am also going to stiffen the chassis and also about to start work on the engine.

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