Tidying the skin up.

April 29th, 2014

Still more hammering going on. Am just smoothing things out and getting the shape right. I can’t change it too much but I can get things a bit better.

IMG_1684_1 IMG_1685_1

The front right corner is pretty battered about. Hopefully I can smooth it out some more. The problem is the hard tube edge. It means that the aluminium has to fit perfectly otherwise when it’s wrapped over it won’t sit quite right. With a wired edge the aluminium can move to the shape it wants. With the hard edge it has to be the right fit to start with.

I also had to unpeel one bit and welded up a crack that was there. It probably wouldn’t have spread given it was on a place that shouldn’t be moving but it worried me so I bent back the edge and slid a piece of copper under it and welded the crack up. This is it before I washed the flux off. With the body on the chassis I was able to roll it outside to wash it off.


Since the car was outside I took more photos. It looks better outside (i.e. not too close up!).

IMG_1691_1 IMG_1692_1

The firewall is still just propped in place and the bottom still needs work (especially right at the end of the tail).



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  1. Ross Warner Says:

    I have just been admiring your work, which is inspiring.
    I am undertaking a remarkably similar project. An A7 Meteor in aluminium. I’m not as far through the project as you.

    I’ve included a link to my Facebook album if you are interested. I haven’t updated this for a while because I have been mostly panel beating to get it all smooth.

    Best of Luck,

    Regards …. Ross.

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