Typical fluff shaving story in NZ Herald.

March 22nd, 2008

When I say typical fluff shaving I mean the story is typical Herald fluff!

Interesting that on the day I do my first shaving post this story appeared in the NZ Herald. It’s a very vague compassion between modern multi-blade (here a Gillette Fusion razor) and traditional straight razors (actually not traditional as they use a barbers razor with disposable blades). As with most NZ Herald stories the reporting can hardly be considered in-depth. Seems to have been written by a woman but with help from a bloke who tried a Gillette shave on one side and a straight razor shave on the other. Perhaps his hands were shaking too much after the shave to write it himself?

There is no mention of DE single blade shaving so the story presents just two views. One from a 22 year old barber who has been giving straight shaves for a year. He says (well the article says he says): “cut-throat razors gave a better result than multi-bladed razors, provided the customer didn’t have sensitive skin”.

They then present another view from a barber of 40 years who runs the Mr Barber Training Center. He is quoted as saying: “Today you are competing with razors that have four or five blades in them, are self-lubricating … even the old-style cut-throat with one blade isn’t going to compete with a razor with four or five blades in it.

The modern ones will cut closer than the old-fashioned one. Technology has got so much better. People romanticise the old cut-throat shave but it’s not a patch on modern gear.”

Now I can’t get as close a shave with my scary Feather Artist Club straight (yet, but I am practicing – I sliced my cheek with it just this morning) as I can using a 1970 Gillette adjustable with a single DE blade but I know my DE gives a better shave than the Mach 3 ever did. Would be interesting to try a Fusion but I imagine it will beat that hands down too!

It just annoys me the article is basically a fluff piece heavily favoured towards the modern razor. Funnily enough the end result was the guy deciding that straight shave was better!

I don’t think the whole wet shaving renaissance has hit NZ quite yet.

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One Response to “Typical fluff shaving story in NZ Herald.”

  1. David Says:

    The Herald is motivated by their advertising revenue.