Boing Boing-ed!

March 25th, 2008

Finally one of my projects appeared on Boing Boing, a geek, techno, odd things blog. They linked to my TARDIS MAME console which is kind of amusing since they’ve never run anything I have sent in to them directly myself – including the TARDIS when I built it and it was actually new news. It seems they got the link from the Wired magazine gadget blog which is amusing itself since those buggers never did anything with the photographs they took of the Bender Beer Brewer up at Galbraiths and also because they seem to have gotten the TARDIS story themselves from a blog called Retro Thing that I have never even heard of before (but who gave me a nice write-up).

And the really, really amusing thing was I had a lovely young lady visitor tonight who I was proudly showing off the TARDIS too and the bloody thing crashed! The machine locked up completely. I have seen that happen before and I think it is something to do with Galaga (which I play a lot) and the way it saves the game state for it. Something gets corrupted so trying to run that one game locks up the box. I think deleting the game state save file will fix it.

Either that or the dematerialisation circuit is bung again.

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5 Responses to “Boing Boing-ed!”

  1. James Says:

    The moral of the story is to send links directly to us at Retro Thing before bothering with the likes of BB or Wired. 😉

    Glad you finally received some much deserved coverage!

  2. bohus Says:

    Actually I did send you mail before the article went live, but your email box doesn’t seem to receiving these days. Still – it’s not a bad surprise, eh?


  3. Simon Says:

    Yes, I think I have some old email addresses in there somewhere. Either that or my spam filters gobble the emails! Either way thanks for the link!

  4. Alex Says:

    Just came across the TARDIS page today. Also, I had a comment concerning the light blinker on the top. Care to contact me personally? I have a different circuit for the light blinker that will generate less heat and light the light brighter.

  5. Patrick Keys Says:

    Tried emailing you, however ascii AT returns as undeliverable.

    Mr. Jansen,
    Our hacker space here in San Francisco ( NoiseBridge – ) is considering building a tardis for our space. We found your instructions for making a tardis. However, we didn’t see any list of the material costs.

    For the tardis itself (not the mame console), can you give us an idea of what was spent for the materials (wood, light, paint, etc.) ?


    citizenkeys AT