Latest, and possibly greatest, invention – Lamb Shankets!

May 12th, 2008

I’ve been meaning to put up the recipe for lamb shanks my mum gave me that I have been trying out lately. Trying out A LOT. I can do them pretty well now and felt the need to experiment so I came up with a brilliant idea (Michelle, as a vegetarian, please look away now)…..

Lamb Shankets!

That’s right! Lamb shanks wrapped in (a blanket of) bacon!

Obviously wrapping ANYTHING in bacon is going to make it better but the lamb shankets actually turned out pretty damn well.

Recipe to follow.

lambshankets Dinner cooking.

As promised my secret (shhhhhh) recipe. My mum gave me the original and I adapted it a bit for the slow cooker and due to laziness.  I cook these in a slow cooker for 10 – 12 hours usually, on low heat.

Put into a plastic bag:

1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds or powder.

1 small, chopped, dried chilli.

1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary.

1/2 teaspoon of majoram.

1/2 teaspoon of oregano.

1 tablespoon of flour.

Place the (defrosted!) lamb shanks into the bag and shake until they are well coated.

Then brown the shanks in a frying pan with a little oil. Any left over powder in the bag can be added back to the mix later.

Take out the lamb shanks (I temporarily put them in the slow cooker while I do the next bit). At this point I wrap the shanks in bacon and pin it in place with wooden toothpicks.

In the pan put in a little more oil then add in chopped celery and chopped carrots. As much as you think you want to eat.

Leave these to soften in the pan. In a mixing cup add 100mL of dry white wine. I find the cheapest Riesling I can find works great!

Add 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

Add a dash of Tabasco sauce. A BIG dash.

Add water to take the level to 120mL or so.

Mix this up well then add to the saucepan with the carrots and celery. Put a lid on the pan! Add any remaining mixture from the bag at this point. Before you put the lid on stupid.

Let this bubble for a bit then add 1 400mL tin of whole, peeled tomatoes.  I generally chop the tomatoes a bit with a knife while in the tin just to make the chunks smaller.

Add three anchovy fillets. Don’t ask me why but it won’t taste the same without them!

Let this mixture simmer for a few minutes.

Then I put the shanks back in the pan rotating them to get them well coated in the mixture.

Leave to simmer for a few more minutes.  Good time to do the dishes.

After the mixture has simmered for a while I put the shanks into the bottom of the slow cooker then carefully pour the rest of the mixture over the top of them.

Cook for 10 or so hours. Anywhere from 8 to 12 seems fine. 10 works well for me since I start them when I leave home for work and they are done when I get back!

Serve with mashed potatoes or, if you’re feeling lazy or your potatoes have all sprouted like mine, on top of rice.

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One Response to “Latest, and possibly greatest, invention – Lamb Shankets!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    It would be better if, you used at as stuffing for a chicken, which was then stuffed into a turkey.

    Actually, if the bacon’s from Freedom Farms in Nelson, then I’d be keen on trying your lamb shankets.