October 31st, 2010

The other weekend my mate Dave and I went along to Armageddon, the local geek and sci-fi /comic show thing, to get some of my stuff signed by various people. I took along Bender’s head to get that signed by John DiMaggio, who does Bender’s voice, and also a TARDIS sign box to get that signed by Sylvester McCoy (again), Sophie Aldred and Paul McGann, the 7th doctor, his lovely assistant and the 8th doctor respectively.

I took Vicky the MG and since Dave wanted to see her I gave him a lift. I made a special exception to my ‘no guys in the MG ’cause it looks a bit gay’ rule because Dave has long hair so if anyone saw us they’d assume he was a girl. He did question that and said wouldn’t the beard and AC-DC t-shirt give it away but I said it was fine since I was picking him up in Green Bay so everyone would just think ‘Westie chick’.

Anyway, we toddled along and parked near the showgrounds. As soon as we got out of the car some bird came over and said cool car and asked if she could take a picture of it and of me ‘in my costume’.

I wasn’t wearing a bloody costume! I don’t know, you dress better than the usual standards around here (and in NZ, the land that fashion forgot,  standards are LOW) and everyone thinks you’re fancy. Anyway, she got her picture and off we went.

I’ve never actually been to one of these things before. It was an experience! Lots of people had made some effort to dress up. There did seem to be quite a few young ladies one or two sizes bigger than they should be in costumes one or two sizes smaller than they should be wearing! Everyone seemed to be having fun though. People kept asking about Bender’s head and wanting to take pictures. We spent most of the time there in queues waiting to get the things signed. After doing that we had a quick look around but the rest didn’t really interest either of us much.

I think John DiMaggio liked the head. Unfortunately it was too loud there for him to hear Bender (himself?)  speak. We had to wait a little while for the Dr Who guys to sign things. Just as I was next in line they went off to do photos so I had to wait half an hour or so. But they came back and all signed them. Sylvester McCoy signed the TARDIS ‘Simon. Again, Hi.’ since he’s already signed it once before! I said later to Dave I should have asked Paul McGann if he felt like the George Lazenby of Dr Who since he’d only been in one. Next time!

Maybe next year I should see if they want to borrow the TARDIS?

Anyway, here are the pictures.

IMG_8952_1 IMG_8954_1

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