Project update.

March 4th, 2012

Well, been a while since I updated here on my projects so here is a quick catch up.

Generally I have been working on my little Austin and I tend to update that blog more. That’s where all the cool kids hang out.

Today I added a new project there, since it is Austin related, but really it’s an Arduino project.  I made the old phone in my garage play old 1930s music when you lift the receiver. You can see that here.

IMG_1727_1 Musical garage phone.

As well as that I am throwing myself into my other projects. They are good and distracting from the real world.

I have been working on Steed a little. I made him a new jacket which took multiple attempts to get right. I am getting better at sewing though. I need to make him a shirt and a waistcoat next. And an umbrella of course (with a sword in it).

IMG_1731_1 Steed’s new jacket.

I am also working on the railway again. Now the track is all ballasted I am starting on the scenery. Tonight I finally started laying down the cardboard mesh over which you put glue soaked tissues. This will make up a very stiff but light shell for the base scenery. It is also easy to change later. Have moved on a lot from when I was 10 doing it all with plaster of paris!

IMG_1732_1 Starting the scenery mesh.

I also, some time ago, bought some small models for the railway. I need to get more.

IMG_1729_1 Models.

I also worked out how to make my own tiny people to put into dodgy situations. They are made from thin wires soldered together then layers and layers of paint added on to bulk them out. Each figure is only about 10mm tall. This is the one I love the most. She’s pole dancing around a pin.

2012-02-24 19.10.58 My tiny, curvy dancer.


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