A blower and muffin tin and spoons.

May 10th, 2012

My furnace seems to be drying rather slowly. Hopefully I didn’t mess up ‘cooking’ the concrete. There are only two ingredients, cement mix and water, so hopefully not!

Today after work I went for a walk to the City Mission shop and there I was able to buy an old hair dryer (the only one), a muffin tin and two spoons. The lady in the shop thought it most odd collection. All up $14.

IMG_2020_1 Hair dryer.

The hair dryer worked so the first thing I did was take it apart. Inside are some heating coils and a small motor. The motor is obviously not mains rated so I figured it was powered using the heaters as a big resistor to drop the voltage. Measuring it with a meter confirmed this. 14 volts to the motor at high speed and 10 volts on slow. I simply removed everything form the housing, soldered two new wires to the motor with clips on the end to attach to a 12 volt battery and chopped off the handle. I was left with a compact, 12 volt blower.

IMG_2021_1 IMG_2022_1 IMG_2025_1

A tube can be inserted into the unit then into the hole in the furnace to blow air into it. That’s a PVC pipe above but obviously I will use metal when it is running. I have an old vacuum cleaner tube or some old exhaust tube I can use somewhere. Will mount the blower onto a small wooden base to lift it to the correct height.

IMG_2027_1 Ingot pan.

The pan I got should be suitable for making ingots if I can work out if it has a non stick coating or not. I think it doesn’t. It feels enamelled rather than non stick and there are traces of muffin stuck to it making me think it’s not! I might give it a sand blasting to make sure.

IMG_2028_1 Spoons.

The spoons will be attached to metal rods to be used as slag skimmers. I might drill drain holes in one of them and see how well that works.

I still need to get some steel to make a crucible but I might do a trip to the steel place in the weekend anyway to get more steel for the Austin 7 so I can see what’s on their cut off table there.

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