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May 13th, 2012

Yesterday I went off to get more steel for my Austin and I also got some steel for making the crucibles, the lifting tools and also a tube for the blower. When I got home I drilled out the hole in the flower pot. I used a masonry bit and then carefully punched out the disc. A rasp cleaned up the edge of the hole.

IMG_2032_1 Drilling holes in my flowerpot.

The other week I had also made a little grating that sits in the bottom of the furnace and stops charcoal blocking the air flow. I just used some scrap steel I had handy.

IMG_2034_1 Grating.

To make the crucibles I got two sections of 80mm diameter pipe cut to 140 long. I also got some 8mm plate from which I will cut the bases for the crucibles and will MIG weld these in place. I also picked up some 8mm rod from which I will make the lifting and pouring tools.

IMG_2035_1 Crucible.

I attached the blower to a length of steel pipe I picked up when I got the crucibles. That was sitting in their offcuts bin so I grabbed it and used it as is. I attached the blower with some rubber sheet and two hose clips. I put some polymorph plastic into the cut off handle to hold the wires in place nicely.

IMG_2057_1 Blower.

At Bunnings today I also picked up some nice Elmo gloves which might be wise dealing with hot, molten metal. You need to keep fully covered up including gauntlets and full face shield.

I also got a bag of charcoal but resisted the urge to fire things up yet. I was busy working on the car and I also want to make sure the cement is really set before heating things up.

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