Foundry tools and crucibles.

May 19th, 2012

Today I spent some time making the crucibles and tools for my foundry. First I cut out two discs od 5mm steel to use as the base of the crucibles. I bevelled the edges of these then welded them into the bottom of the metal pipes I had.

IMG_2118_1 Welded in bases.

I made the welds good and solid. With the welder turned up high sparks were flying everywhere. A bit or a worry when I was only about 2 feet away from a cardboard car! Luckily I didn’t set the car on fire.

Only my workbench.

Next I sorted out the handle and the spout.

IMG_2119_1 Spout.

The spout I made by heating the lip red hot with the oxy torch then belting it with the ball end of a ball pein hammer. Simple but effective.

IMG_2122_2 Handle.

The lifting eye was made from 8mm steel rod heated red hot, bent into a loop and securely welded on opposite the spout.

IMG_2124_1 Lugs.

Onto each side I welded in a 1/2 lug of solid steel bar. I drilled the crucible sides, hammered them in then welded them from each side.

I used the same 8mm rod to make some tools. I made a lifting rod with a cradle on the end with two loops that fit into lugs welded onto the crucible. I also made a lifting rod and a stirring/poking rod. I put loops on the ends to make them easier to handle in thick gloves.

IMG_2123_1 IMG_2129_1 Crucible and tools.

You can see how you use the loops on the cradle rod to lift the crucible by the lugs. Then you use the lifting rod to hook into the handle and tip the crucible up.

I can also use the lifting rod for lifting the lift off the furnace. To make this easier in thick gloves I welded on a short cross piece half way up.

IMG_2131_1 Lifting handle.

The other tool I made was a dross spoon for scraping the crap off the top of the molten aluminium. I just gas welded one of my spoons to a piece of flat bar I had.

IMG_2135_1 Spoon.

Unfortunately it was raining on and off all day so I wasn’t able to fire the damn thing up! The first firing is just to cook the crucibles. I need to heat them to red hot to form a nice scale layer on them to stop them being eaten by the molten aluminium inside them. This will also be a test of the furnace itself and the blower to see if it all works.

Since I couldn’t fire it up I gave the tools a coat of black spray paint to make them all pretty.

IMG_2144_1 Pretty!

Hopefully it is dry tomorrow so I can try this thing out!

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