Pennies bracelet

June 17th, 2012

Or rather Penny’s bracelet.

This was a really quick project. I had bought some old pennies on TradeMe with the idea of making them into cuff-links. It was only a few dollars for five pennies from around the great war era. They are a little too large for cuff-links so they sat on my table for a while until my friend Penny saw them. She decided they would make a nice bracelet. Well, they already have her name on them so why not!

She bought some little links and a clasp and chain from a local jewellery and bead place. I just put the rest together which took almost no time. First I laid the pennies out how I wanted them and then marked where to drill holes for the links.

IMG_2451_1 IMG_2452_1

Marking and drilling holes.

Next I simply threaded through the link rings. I then soldered them closed so they don’t open up again.

IMG_2457_1 Soldered rings.

Then I added the clasp and the safety chain. These were also attached with rings and soldered closed. That’s pretty much it!

IMG_2459_1 IMG_2461_1 IMG_2462_1

I can’t show any pictures of it on since I don’t have tiny, girly wrists so it won’t fit me! Maybe Penny will oblige when I deliver it to her.

Compared to most of my projects this one was a doddle. Less than an hours work easily. And someone was saying I never finish anything the other day!

Update: My friend Penny let me grab this picture of her wearing it.


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