London bus destination blind sign. Part 2.

August 12th, 2012

A little more progress on the bus sign. I did discover, thanks to Ian Armstrong at that this blind would have been used ona  single deck bus on the B1, 126 and 314 routes. So no double deckers involved but I am going to make the sign in that style anyway! I also received a little book I ordered from book depository called The bus we loved: London’s affair with the Routemaster. For some reason I thought it would be more technical (I should get the Haynes manual for that!)  but it is a great little book. Very entertaining!

So, this is the progress so far. I cut a piece of board to make the base. It is pretty big! 1100mm x 460mm. I carefully planed the dimensions and worked out the proper size and radius corners based on the Routemaster bus to get exactly the right shape and proportions then decided bugger it and just drew around whatever I could find that looked about right – a pot!

IMG_2790_1 Pot! Say hello to Jodi.

I also cut some blocks to raise up the rollers and glues and screwed these to the base in the correct places. I clamped them in place till the glue dried then added screws from underneath later.

IMG_2792_1 Riser blocks.

Those blocks alone aren’t enough so I made additional wooden spacers for the rollers to sit on.

IMG_2804_1 Additional spacers.

I think I might get some furniture nuts to screw into the blocks instead of normal wood screws as I imagine I will be removing the rollers a number of times and I wouldn’t want the threads in the wood to strip. I used them in my TARDIS very successfully. You screw them into the wood with an Allen key then they provide a nice, strong metal thread you can screw other things into.

I also made a bracket for the wiper motor mount. Well, half made. I was tired and muffed it up by not thinking it fully through! The bracket was made from some rectangular section steel tube. I cut it in half diagonally to provide an L shaped bracket. This I drilled and filed to fit over the wiper motor.

IMG_2799_1 Wiper motor bracket.

Only there is a problem.

IMG_2801_1 Blast!

Still, it is easy to fix. I can cut the bottom of that bracket and using the other half of the tube cut a new base and weld the two together. I love being able to weld!

IMG_2802_1 Bracket fix.

You can see how cutting the base of the one I made and the top of the second one will make the bracket tall enough to clear the chain and sprocket. I haven’t got as far as the limit switch mechanism yet but know how to build it. In lieu of that, and to keep my friend Mike happy, here is Steed with his buttons fixed!

IMG_2808_1 Steed!

One Response to “London bus destination blind sign. Part 2.”

  1. Mike Says:

    Steed looks dapper! However, inquiring minds demand to know how he has shirt sleeves without wearing a shirt. Disturbing. There’s probably some supernatural explanation.