London bus destination blind sign. Part 3.

August 13th, 2012

Today I left work a little early to rush off to get some hardware I needed. What I wanted was some threaded inserts known variously as thread inserts or furniture inserts or D nuts. I used to be able to get them from a great hardware shop but that unfortunately closed a few years ago. I did find some locally here. About $7 for a pack of four. I rushed after work and managed to get there before they closed at 4 with minutes to spare!

After I got home I fixed up the wiper motor bracket by cutting and welding a new base onto it. I used oxy-acetylene to weld it.

IMG_2647_1 IMG_2813_1 IMG_2814_1

Wiper motor bracket.

I made some slotted holes in the base so I can later adjust it in and out to get all three sprockets to align. Would be great if I had a mill to do such things but I don’t so I had to drill then hand file them.

Next I fitted the D nuts to the base board where they will hold the roller brackets. These things are great! All you do is drill a suitably large hole, insert them by hand to start them then drive them in with an Allen key. The threads cut into the wood and pull it home.

IMG_2821_1 IMG_2823_1

IMG_2824_1 IMG_2827_1

Once in place you can simple thread in a normal bolt. Well, mostly normal. I thought these would be metric and take an 8mm bolt. Turns out they are imperial and take a 5/16 UNC bolt. I wonder how many people just go and force a 8mm bolt into them though being so close (the 8mm starts to thread in then quickly binds). Oh well, being a British bus blind imperial is far more correct I guess!

So now I need to get some suitable bolts then I can bolt the rollers down and work out where the motor needs to be mounted. That will use two more of the inserts.

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