Second pinhole camera.

September 23rd, 2012

During the week I added about 4 coats of varnish to the camera body then on Friday even assembled it. I made a new pinhole for this camera.

IMG_2882_1 Pinhole.

This pinhole might be a little small for the focal length I am using. It is about 0.25 of a mm I think (the needle in the picture is 0.36 mm)  which gives an F-stop of F200.

IMG_2892_1 IMG_0526_1 Light/reflection proofing.

The inside was painted matt black and the shutter assembly had a piece of black felt placed over it as a light shield.

IMG_0531_1 IMG_0534_1 Finished camera.

I was going to make a small shutter button to use instead of the cable but with such a small pinhole the exposures on even a sunny day are at least 1.5 seconds so camera shake is a problem.

Using the Mamiya back the film cartridge comes right out of the camera making loading it simple.

IMG_0530_1 Film loaded.

I then had to wait till Saturday morning when first thing I shot off a roll of film. I found I can get 9 full frames and most of a 10th. Being a back for 220 film the counter will actually go higher but it is pretty easy to tell when you’re wound to the end of the film. I am not using the shutter interlock on the back so you have to remember to wind the film between shots. To do so you first release the winder using a button on the back of the camera. Winding takes one movement of the lever then it locks until you release it again. This actually means I can do multiple exposures if I wish.

I also discovered it is really easy to forget to remove the dark slide! With that in place of course nothing get exposed. I tried to reuse the film by re-spooling it in the changing bag but that’s not really possible. I shot a second roll and that came out ok. There is some fogging of the film but I think that was me in my haste to unload it from the camera as it doesn’t seem to affect every frame. I still don’t think I have my developing correct. It looks weak to me which I think means under-developed still.

roll6a Negatives.

My friend Mrs Nicola stopped in and used her amazing Photoshop powers on one shot and came up with this:

garage Garage.

So getting better. I will try developing the next film for longer. Then I have no more cheap Shanghai film but I do have some Fuji Acros 100 to try and that one does appear on the Massive Dev Chart so at least I will know what should work developing wise.

The other thing I did yesterday was get some nice wood to make a small tripod for the camera. I wasn’t sure what was best to use so I carefully explained to the bloke at the timber place what I was making and he was most interested. Turns out he is a fellow geek.  He found me some nice Rimu to use and did me a special deal so it all only cost $5.50!

And finally, not camera related, I made Steed a shirt!

IMG_0536_1 Steed.

Tie next.


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