All kinds of projects this weekend.

October 7th, 2012

My weekends are definitely not long enough. All that time wasted spent sleeping and eating and shopping and so on.

This weekend I finished Steed, well the puppety parts. I still need to string him up and work on his electronics.

20121006_141511s Steed has hair!

His hair is furry material and since his hat can’t come off (his strings pass through it) I didn’t actually need to glue it in place. It’s just held in place by the hat and strings. His eyebrows are a lighter fur (Steed seemed to have light eye brows).

To string him up and to display him I needed a stand so I made one from bits of left over wood I found in my garage. It needs to be quite tall since Steed is operated standing up. Hanging from the stand is his controller. I will varnish the stand and paint the controller matt black.

IMG_2926_1 Steed stand.

I also started working on his electronics again. I found the old sketches and upgraded them to Arduino 1.0.1. I need to get the Waveshield I bought working again first to provide the voice then I can work on the rest.

I also did more photography things. This was one of the pictures I took last week that came out interestingly. There are kind of streamers in it. I am not sure why at all. Just a trick of the light I guess. I think I am still under-developing my negatives though so next time I shall try a 4 minute dev time.

streamers_s Streamers.

These are a few more pictures. I had to tweak them after scanning though since my exposure/developing was all messed up. One was an accidental double exposure. I also seem to have a light leak causing the lighter horizontal bar in the shots.

trees1 hospital double1

Apparently people pay for mobile phone apps to make photographs look crappy. I seem to have a natural talent for it!

I also did more towards making my bathroom light tight so I can use it as a darkroom and do contact prints. Last week I bought some dark, black fabric to make temporary curtains for the window and door. Penny let me borrow her sewing machine so I can try to sew them up. I haven’t used a machine since, errr form 1, when I was 11. I did one seam fine then ran out of thread. Bugger.

IMG_2931_1 Sewing.

I also made a wooden top to fit over the bath as somewhere I can put my trays and chemicals. I am painting it now. The light grey is a sealer coat but I shall paint it a flat, dark colour eventually.

IMG_2922_1 Bath bench top.

I am having trouble getting suitable developing trays. None of the camera places here actually carry them. Or much else darkroom equipment these days in fact. I did get some small paint roller trays though for $5.50 each (with rollers!) that might do. Bunnings to the rescue again! They are just fractionally smaller than 10 by 12 inches though which is a standard photo paper size.

IMG_2932_1 Developing tray.

I also started work on the limit switch mechanism for the bus blind sign. This is simply a metal frame with a bearing at each end. I will attach them in the same way I did the bearings on the main sign rollers. An 8mm threaded rod will run within the bearings. On the base of the frame will be a Teflon plate over which a captive nut can slide, driven by the threaded rod. The rod will be driven via the nut holding the motor sprocket in place. Or I might try making a smaller sprocket driven off the chain itself. The captive nut will drive a bell crank lever to increase the movement. My sign needs 16 turns from end to end which is less than an inch of movement of the nut. I want to increase that so setting the limit switches isn’t so fiddly. It will all make sense once I make it.

IMG_2924_1 Limit switch mechanism.

I also worked on the car but that’s in the other blog.

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